A Million Killer Apps – Part 1 – Smart Contracts & Bitcoin’s Big Bang of Disruption

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (Documentary)
May 23, 2015
A Million Killer Apps – Part 2 – Blockchains, The WWL & A Global Shared History
May 23, 2015
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Too often a conversation about Bitcoin leads to some sketpic suggesting that Bitcoin has no killer app to take it to the next level. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve grouped together all the currently, under development, and already launched killer apps of Bitcoin, and in short order they became too numerous to count. So we had to break them up into three big videos which we’ve decided to call ‘A Million Killer Apps’. Wall Street take note, most of what you do is on the list.

Also, This video provides a great summary of Nick Szabo’s seminal idea – Smart Contracts.

This video is part 1 of a 3 part series.

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Brad Edwards
Brad Edwards
Brad is the CEO of Bitlov, which is a next generation platform for digital currency and Bitcoin.

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